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About This Blog

Why this blog?


I’ve been an avid spiritual seeker most of my adult life. When the pandemic began, it was clear to me that it was an extraordinary spiritual teacher. The issues I found myself grappling with were all spiritual issues of fear and faith: living with so much uncertainty and unknown, wanting answers that weren’t available, loss of freedom and control over my life, to name a few. I turned to my lifelong practice of journaling to process all this intensity. Journaling helped me keep some semblance of sanity in my life.

I originally intended my journal to be private, for my own processing and growth. Then, about 2 months in, I began to recognize universal human components in my individual spiritual journey. I also began seeing some parallels between my individual spiritual evolution and the transformation I see humanity as a whole undergoing at this time.


For example, as I move from thinking of myself as a separate individual to being a part of a community of life, I see humanity moving from a consciousness of being self-sufficient, separate humans to a consciousness of recognizing our interdependence with each other and the entire Earth community. As I move from meeting my own needs first to being of service to others and the whole, I see humanity shifting from a consciousness of the Earth's resources being for us to use as we see fit to a consciousness of needing to be good stewards of what She provides for the good of all. As I let go of my self-reliance and open to more vulnerability and dependence, I see humanity expanding from a world view of competition and scarcity to a world view of collaboration and mutuality.

All of these connections -- between me and other individuals, and between my journey and the collective human journey -- got me wondering if others would find it helpful for me to share my process, and this blog was conceived. I hope you will find stimulation, food for thought, and even inspiration here. And I hope you will share your own experiences and perceptions so that this blog becomes a place for spiritual seekers to engage, to challenge and support each other on our respective paths. 

What’s here are the journal entries I wrote beginning in early May 2020. There’s no particular sequence to them, and their focus may be quite different from one entry to the next. Treat them as snapshots of my experience on any given day rather than a movie of my process over time. 

I have done minimal editing for clarity, so these posts are very personal, raw, intimate. They leave bare my wounds and vulnerabilities, my strengths and gifts. In short, I have chosen not to hide the messier aspects of my journey in the hopes that readers will find this perhaps brutal honesty illuminating in your own process. May you recognize your own secret shame in mine and find reassurance that you are not alone in your human messiness. Being even bolder, may you find some insight, clarity, guidance, or even inspiration for your own journey in mine.

If you resonate with my experience, please engage with me. Comment on one of my blog posts that’s meaningful, or connect with me via email: Let me know what’s useful, what’s challenging, what’s inspiring, what’s puzzling, what's baloney in your view. What’s your own experience? I am always looking to connect with fellow travelers on a spiritual path. And as we join in community to travel our spiritual paths, we are contributing to the collective human transformation that is so needed and already underway at this time.

Blessings on your journey!

Nancy Ogilvie

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