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  • Nancy Ogilvie

Choosing Self-Acceptance

Principle: Self-acceptance promotes true humility, defined as giving God/dess the glory.

Practice: When you want to fix or improve yourself, reconnect with the Divine within.

written 5/2/21 Sunday and 5/3/21 Monday - I'm trying something new today: posting two very short posts from different days. Do you see any connection? I do!

5/2/21 - Good morning, Beloveds All: Isis, Sekhmet, Great Mother, Yeshua, Black Madonna, all guides, angels, ancestors, wise ones. I’ve just meditated for 45 minutes, and my perspective on the purpose of meditation is shifting subtly. Seems worth exploring further, Mamas… thank You for a new day to walk this sacred Earth path with You, as You and through You!

I think I’ve been seeing meditation as a self-improvement process, a way to make myself worthy of connection with You. I make myself available for You to connect with me and improve me, so it’s been a passive process where I wait for You to act to fix me, make me better, more connected with You.

Now I’m seeing it as a self-acceptance process – an opening myself to receive Your love, as remembering that I am already worthy of connection with You, that I live in connection with You every moment of my life. So it’s a process where I act to bring myself into alignment with what’s already so – I accept myself as a spiritual being having a human experience, as Your beloved, being in co-creative partnership with You. I accept that I am already a perfect, whole and complete expression of You in Your eyes, and I act from that reality of acceptance, of “all is well.”

As long as I believe there’s something wrong with me, something to be fixed, something defective, something “not enough,” I’m out of alignment with You, with Your will, Mamas – now that is a revelation!

So in my meditation just now, I started out focused on resisting You, on pulling away, on believing something is wrong that needs to be fixed. And through grounding, breathing into my belly, practicing presence, I slowly moved out of my head where those stories live and came into Your Presence within, in my body temple.

I took action – I asked for Your Presence by keeping my commitment to meditate and showing up with all of me, knowing You want all of me. I didn’t wait for You to fix me, I didn’t go back to sleep (literally, although I was tempted). And it was in opening to feeling Your Presence already within that I shifted into acceptance and holding tightly to Your hand. It wasn’t that You dropped into my body in that moment – it was that I remembered that You are always here, that we are always and already One. Blessed be!

5/3/21 Monday = Good morning, Beloveds All: Isis, Sekhmet, Great Mother, Yeshua, Black Madonna, all guides, angels, wise ones in all forms and none. What’s just landed is that humility is remembering that “my” strength comes from You, Beloveds. I get myself in deep doodoo when I start thinking my strength is mine – that’s arrogance. Your strength moves through me, but it is not mine. Help me to practice humility today, and thank You for another day to walk this sacred Earth path with You, as You and through You.

That feels really profound and powerful, Beloveds; thank You for dropping that in! And I feel complete for today with that. Is there more?

This is a whole new perspective on dependence and surrender/submission, Beloveds. It’s giving You the glory for what You work through me. It’s being grateful for the “loan” of Your strength or whatever quality is needed. It’s remembering that You are the Source of all I am and all I do, and giving You the glory instead of claiming the “credit” myself, instead of believing it’s mine. There’s no sense of submission or humiliation in that, just pure love and joy and gratitude that You move through me. Blessed be!



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