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  • Nancy Ogilvie

Fasten Your Seat Belt!

Principle: We can welcome whatever comes to us as an opportunity for healing and spiritual growth.

Practice: The Welcome Prayer, by Father Thomas Keating. My adaptation is on this page.

written 2/23/21 Tuesday

Good morning, Beloveds All: Isis, Sekhmet, Great Mother, Yeshua, all guides, ancestors, wise ones in any form. I woke up in acceptance this morning despite feeling contracted, knowing there’s nothing that needs to be fixed. I can explore what’s up with the contraction in a spirit of curiosity and aliveness rather than fixing and struggle. Thank You for giving me another day to walk this sacred Earth path with You and as You, Beloveds!

As soon as we went into meditation in rosary this morning, I saw the contraction (I think – maybe something else) as an ephemeral energy approaching, a form that would have been scary, that I would have chosen to respond to with fear until very recently. And this morning, I was purely curious, truly welcoming it in love. And the question that came was “What would you teach me?” The welcome prayer came up – “Oh, I can welcome this energy as being for my healing! It can take me on a learning adventure; I love learning adventures! It can be my friend!” You were present in that response too, weren’t you, LO?

LO: Yes! I love learning adventures with friends too, Nance! And I wasn’t afraid either – that’s so exciting, not to be afraid! To welcome the unfamiliar, the unknown? That’s huge!

N: Yes it is, loves. What’s coming up is that mantra from my retreat 2 years ago: “I walk unarmed into the arena of the unknown, desiring only greater intimacy with God/dess, myself and others.” We’re living that in this moment, sweetie.

LO: Yes, I’m not afraid of myself now, mama Nance. I’m not afraid of what I’ll discover if I dive deep inside. And I don’t need to worry about the impact of what I find in a deep dive inside on others – I am not responsible for how others react to my process. I still want to be compassionate with myself and others, but it’s not my responsibility to ensure that others like me or like what I do. Their wellbeing is not my responsibility. What other people think of me is none of my business!

N: Yes, that’s true, love. It feels like you’re saying that to remind yourself, like you were starting to feel really vulnerable and needed that reassurance. I’m so glad you can give yourself that!

LO: Yes, I started to feel really vulnerable – and I’m making a distinction between “vulnerable” and “afraid” that feels new. I would have said I felt afraid, or even terrified, until very recently – and “vulnerable” feels so much more accurate. And it doesn’t have quite so much angst or anxiety to it. It feels much less anxious in my body.

N: Yes… if we tell ourself we’re afraid, or especially terrified, our body spikes stress hormones so we can fight, flee or freeze. If we tell ourself we feel vulnerable, it’s not such a dire emergency. We’re not under threat or in danger necessarily, so the stress hormones don’t spike.

…And I’m noticing that we’ve shut down the intense vulnerability that came up when I was referring to walking/living in the unknown. It’s like we got a flash of the freedom and joy and power that could be, and it was too much. And that’s ok – I just want to be present to that and not deceive ourselves around it.

LO: I got a flash of our True Self in that moment, of SI grown up into her Divine-human self, of all of us integrated into One. It was too much Light, Beauty, Power, Freedom, Nance. And we got a glimpse!

N: Yes, we did. We saw the Divine in us – and She’s too much Love, Good, Beauty to really look at in a sustained way. Can we be in that much awe/reverence/humility/abiding love at Her presence within? Whew – fasten your seat belt for a wild ride, little beloveds all!

LO: Blessed be.

N: Blessed be.



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