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  • Nancy Ogilvie

Happy Holidays!

Principle: Despite conventional wisdom to the contrary, this is a time for going inside and being quiet!

Practice: I will be taking a break from posting until 1/12/22.

written 12/15/21

What a year it has been for doing a deep dive into uncertainty, my shadow, and the depths of my soul! Thank you for traveling with me over the last year!

I know now that there is an inner shift underway, and I do not yet have clarity on what the new will look like or involve. As I was writing a post for this week, I realized I was in a mode of writing just for the sake of putting something up, and that's not the spirit I want to bring to this blog. So I'm taking a break from posting until 1/12/22.

I have mentioned briefly before that I'm uncertain about this blog's future. I thought for awhile it might be time to stop it completely, but now my sense is more that it's shifting its purpose, or looking for some other shift in form or focus, and I don't know what. And one of the things I have learned this year is that the appropriate response to not knowing is sitting in the stillness and waiting. So as the outside world is frenzied and frantic, I am taking time to slow down and listen - to myself and to what the Divine would reveal to me.

This process feels like it's resting in the bigger context of my impending vows to become a monk in the Oriental Orthodox Order in the West (in March, likely). In my local spiritual community, we're doing a deep dive into the "big" questions of life, the soul questions. In that context, I'm inquiring into:

  • Grounded in the horizontal time of 2021-22 and in this horizontal place of Ann Arbor, MI, with all that is going on in the world and in my heart, who is the Divine calling me to be? What would She have me do? How would She have me serve?

  • How do She and I want to be in co-creative partnership? What human partnerships is She calling me to, in addition to the Order? What is the role of the Order community and community more broadly in my call?

  • What is it I bring from my lifetime of experience? What do I have to contribute over the rest of my life? What do I want to leave as my legacy?

It's an exciting exploration, and I look forward to sharing what's unfolded in January! Blessings on your holiday season, however you celebrate!



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