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  • Nancy Ogilvie

I am enough, prayer is enough

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Principle: When my human/ego self is running my life, I push to do more, have more, be more. When I’m in prayerful connection with Spirit, I know I am enough just as I am.

Practice: Set your intent at the beginning of each day to help you stay in prayerful connection with Goddess all day.


Part of my spiritual practice each morning is writing out my intent for who and how I want to be over the day. It sets a vision for how I choose to interact with the world, and helps me to remember that my primary aim is always to serve the Mother. This morning, here’s what came:

· Allowing the flow of emotions – tears now for all the grief and rage around the pandemic and George Floyd’s murder

· Open-hearted, grounded, embodied presence – opening to the heart of compassion

· Humility and surrender – remembering You are always present, always available to guide and direct. I am the actor, the servant, the priestess. Help me to remain in right relationship with You.

And then I started to hear Spirit’s voice saying, “That’s enough, Nance.” That was a surprise, because it’s not unusual for my intent to be 7-10 bullets. For a moment, I couldn’t let go of striving for that “goal,” so I added:

· Unceasing prayer, praise, gratitude

And there was that internal voice again – “You’re complete, Nance. You don’t need to keep pushing for more. You are enough, this is enough for one day.”

It was still hard to accept. I do my best to practice trusting that I am enough, that I do enough, I have enough, I am enough – and I often fall into old patterns of doubting my worth or worrying that there won’t be enough. So the Mother offered more…

I recalled that after rosary this morning, our leader shared a story from a Caroline Myss video. Myss was talking about a pilgrimage she went on awhile ago. She noticed many on the journey were carrying large, heavy backpacks – and she doesn’t have the physical strength to do that. She realized that her titanium strength is prayer, and that’s what she offers.

I know when I am in right relationship with the Divine, in a prayerful state as I go about my daily business, it affects the way I respond to circumstances, and it affects how others respond to me. Being in a powerful state of prayer makes us a force to be reckoned with.

As I reflected on this truth in my journaling, I heard more: “And yes, prayer is enough. Prayer is more than enough. The work you’re doing, Nance, is a vital part of the whole. Everyone’s differing strengths are needed for humanity to be whole. You are doing your part, and We are well pleased, Priestess Nancy.

“That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for any action. As you say, you are Our arms and legs and voice in physical form, and We need you for that, as you need Us. And it’s cultivating your capacity to act from a prayerful state that’s so crucial. We will give you plenty of opportunities to act from that space, to be our voice and physical presence on the planet.”

And I responded directly to the Mother: “So now I see – that’s what my writing and this blog is about! I’ve been aware that it’s not my human/ego voice in my writing, that You’re speaking through me. Help me sustain the humility and surrender to continue in right relationship with You, Beloveds! Help me to write/act from a powerful state of prayer and connection with You. Then it is enough, and I am enough.

1 comment

1 Comment

Dec 24, 2020

I love the image of us being the arms and legs of the Divine in the world. Also, I am intrigued by your mention of the rosary. I have always found that a very helpful spiritual practice. Is it part of your daily worship?

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