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  • Nancy Ogilvie

I Choose Who to Be

Principle: I have the power to choose who I am, with Divine guidance.

Practice: Practice awareness of the choices you’re making in any moment. Do your choices support your well-being and growth?

Written Thursday, 8/19/21

Good morning, Beloveds All: Isis, Sekhmet, Great Mother, Yeshua, Archangel Michael, Ggantija Priestess, all guides, angels, wise ones. I feel very scattered and distracted this morning, and don’t want to sit. Help please, Mamas – and thank You for this new day to walk this sacred Earth path with You, as You, through You and in You.

I see my attachment to ego identification this morning, Beloveds, and I want Your help loosening my grip. When I’m identified with ego self, I want to be in control to stay safe. I’m looking at life through my human eyes, which is a limited and often fearful view. When I’m identified with True Self, I give up my human attachment to safety, and have no question that I am always safe in You. I look through Your eyes, and that view is far more expansive and full of infinite possibilities that I just don’t see through my human eyes.

I’m also aware that I have been seeing my True Self as “the real me,” and ego self as “not me,” like she’s an external being in my life who gets in the way of my True Self and surrendering to the Divine. And I’m shifting into seeing my choice to identify with each of them. Externalizing ego makes me her victim in a way, takes the power to choose out of my hands and puts it in hers. Shifting the story to I choose whether to identify with her or with True Self creates an entirely new story where I am powerful and have agency instead of being a victim.

Externalizing ego also keeps me trapped in the past, because she’s so full of beliefs I learned in my childhood about who I am and how the world is. Now, I choose whether to keep all those beliefs in my life; I choose whether to believe they’re still true now that I’m an adult. I choose whether I’m lovable or not; I choose whether I’m worthy or not; I choose whether to respond as a victim or to use my power. I choose whether those childhood/ego beliefs support who I am now and who the Mother would have me be or not.

So the question becomes, “what would it be like to live fully in the present, with ego self as part of True Self? What would it be like for them to be in right relationship, with True Self driving the bus of my life and ego self riding as a passenger? Who do I choose to be if I release who I was and have been and come fully into presence in this moment right now?

I choose who I am. I choose who I am. I choose who I am! Blessed be!



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