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  • Nancy Ogilvie

Lose Yourself, Rumi

Principle: Life is a struggle if you're aim is to "become someone." Shift your focus from the prison of your earthly "self" to the One Love.

Practice: Sit in your own silence, using this Rumi poem as a daily reminder to "lose yourself."

posted 9/22/21 Instead of repeating another past post, I'm sharing one of my very favorite poems of Rumi, "Lose Yourself."

"Lose yourself, lose yourself in divine love.

When you lose yourself in this love, you will find everything.

"Lose yourself, lose yourself, do not fear this loss,

for you will rise from the earth,

and embrace the infinity of heaven.

"Lose yourself, lose yourself, escape from finite form,

for this world's claim is a chain and you are its prisoner.

Smash through its prison walls

and walk out like a king or a queen.

"Lose yourself, lose yourself at the foot of Divine Majesty.

When you lose yourself before the Sovereign,

you too will become sovereign.

"Lose yourself, lose yourself and escape from the dark clouds that surround you.

Then you will be able to see that your own true light is as radiant as the full moon.

"What is your life here about, anyway? It is nothing but a struggle to be someone.

It is nothing but a running from your own inner silence.

O lover enter the silence now.

This is the surest way to lose yourself in God."

A search on youtube will produce a number of recordings of this beautiful poem if you prefer listening to reading.

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