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  • Nancy Ogilvie

Riding the Flow of Divine Guidance

Principle: Asking for and accepting Divine guidance allows access to Her flow of ease, grace and joy.

Practice: When you find yourself “trying hard” or otherwise struggling, check if you’re relying on your own self-will or Divine will.

written 4/4/21 Sunday - this is a new form of "inner dialog," a conversation between me and the Divine, whom I call the Beloveds.

Good morning, Beloveds All: Isis, Sekhmet, Great Mother, Yeshua, all angel, guides, wisdom teachers. I practiced giving You whatever came up in meditation just now, and that creates such spaciousness! Thank You for wanting all of me, and thank You for this day to walk this sacred Earth path with You, as You, through You. I love You!

I’m not sure what to write this morning – do I need to write this morning? Journaling has been about meeting my needs, Beloveds, and I hope it’s serving You through my blog. What would You have me do/be with it, Mamas? Is it time to draw it to a close?

I hear – really more feel/intuit – a resounding “NO” to that, and it’s pretty amazing how committed I feel to the blog, almost like it’s a baby I’m raising into its full potential. I feel You guiding me in this process, Mamas; I feel Your love for this new baby. So I will continue loving her as well.

I like the metaphor; I have no idea who she’ll grow up to be, and what I’ve been doing is tending to her baby needs. I feed her new material, I send out birth announcements, I love her, I put her needs first most of the time. I show up consistently, posting twice a week. And I let her unfold at her own pace; as she asks for more exposure, I respond, or as I hear promptings from You, I take action. I cannot know now who she will grow up to be. It’s my job to meet her needs and love her as she is, and support her growth and learning.

Beloveds: We’re cheering those insights, priestess. You’re engaging with her exactly as We wanted, and We’re thrilled! And more will be revealed in Divine right order and timing. Your meeting to learn more about Facebook marketing this week is certainly timely, for example; good job! And your curiosity about the marketing capacity of the website platform is, too. We would like you to be giving the blog more loving attention, and You seem to be moving in that direction.

N: And where else would You like my loving attention to go, Mamas? How can I best serve You at this time?

Beloveds: We have two requests, Nance. One, immerse yourself in study of the mystics for your postulancy. The book by Clement is good, and you just bought another on Teresa of Avila. Study them both. Let your heart lead; when you struggle to understand, your head is in charge and getting in the way. Yes, We’re inviting you into deeper communion with Us. Keep opening your heart; there’s infinite depth there.

…Second, you’re right that your excess “stuff” is weighing you down. You need to be able to find what you need when you need it – yes, even a glue stick. (I’ve been working on a collage and don’t know where my glue sticks are in all my boxes and closets.) Simplify and clear the clutter, the excess, and you will open so much freedom and lightness of being.

...And create your sanctuary, love. Your home is your Holy of Holies. You’ve been clearing out, making space for Us on the inside, We want you to do that in your external home as well.

N: So what I’m getting Beloveds, is that I made the spiritual commitment to You with my vows to the Order, and the next step is operationalizing that commitment in my human, day-to-day life. And part of that is opening to receive All of You. Oh – as I open to give You all of me, I also open to receiving all of You for there's flow between us… Anything more for now, Mamas?

Beloveds: No… this is plenty. And yes - We hear you thinking that letting Ego create a plan/schedule for all this is an appropriate use of your will, priestess. Go for it!

N: Ok, Beloveds, thanks! Blessed be!



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