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  • Nancy Ogilvie

Safe in My Body Temple

Principle: The Divine is present in all of physical life; spiritual and physical are one in Her. This makes the Universe and our bodies safe places.

Practice: Put your hands on your heart and repeat the mantra, "I AM lives here. This is sacred ground, the Holy of Holies, My dwelling place."

written 2/9/21 Tuesday If this is your first post in the "inner dialog" format, "LO" is my inner little girl.

Good morning, Beloveds All: Isis, Sekhmet, Great Mother, all guides, angels, ascended ones. I’m leaning into You a little this morning, and longing to lean in completely, to trust Your infinite and eternal Presence. Thank You for another day to walk this sacred Earth path with You and as You.

I’m leaning in by being more fully in my body temple this morning. It feels ironic – paradoxical is a better word, perhaps – that being more present on the physical plane connects me more deeply with You as the spiritual plane. And that’s a paradox only because of my dualistic thinking: physical or spiritual, human or divine. But it’s not either or – it’s physical and spiritual as One because You are present everywhere. The Universe is You, You are the Universe, and in human experience, the physical Earth in particular. Every physical cell in every living being is You, Beloveds.

And so, I meet You in my body temple, remembering the mantra that You gave me a bit ago: “I AM lives here. This is sacred ground, the Holy of Holies, My dwelling place.” It’s my dwelling place, too, Mamas. When I ground, when I come into presence in my physical being, I feel “this is home! This is where I belong! This is the home where I belong! I occupy physical space – I have the right to take up physical space on the planet, I deserve to be here and to belong here!” I’ve known home as a physical space where I live, outside of myself, but I don’t recall knowing home as my body temple before.

And the even greater miracle is that I feel safe “at home.” Today, I come into my body temple to feel at home – what a switch that is, when I’ve left my body and flown to my mind to feel safe before (even though safety in my mind is an illusion). LO has seldom felt safe in her body, and now she’s learning that it’s her safe haven, her safe home. What a transformation!

LO: It’s not just that I’m safe in my body, Nance – I’m also starting to feel safe in the world. That’s why I’ve wanted to be on the land lately – I feel safe enough in my body, I see it enough as temple that I can see all life around me as temple, as sacred ground. I AM lives everywhere, mama! In me and in all life!

N: Yes, She does, love.

LO: And I’m so excited to explore and learn and grow, mama Nance. It’s a grand adventure! I want to explore who I am, express who I am, and I want to explore the world, to learn all about it!

N: I’m so happy to see you so excited, love! You really know you belong here, don’t you? You have a right to be here!

LO: Yes, it’s true! It’s a miracle, Nance. I feel free and curious and spontaneous and joyful and at home in myself, not just in my body. And that’s my birthright!

N: Yes it is, sweetie – I’m so happy you know that now.

LO: And I know that this isn’t a permanent state, Nance – I don’t have the illusion of having “arrived” at a state of permanent bliss. Humans inhale and exhale, we expand and open and receive and we contract and close and release. It’s what is. I don’t have to like it – but expecting that I’m going to stay in this expanded state forever is setting myself up for an emotional crash. It’s not how life works.

N: You seem a little sad about that.

LO: It’s hard to stay in bliss when it's here right now when I know it won’t last… and that’s my choice, isn’t it? I don’t have to let my joy be diminished by focusing on the fear of losing it - I can just be present and enjoy the ride! I don't need to feel like it will last forever to enjoy it while it's here!

N: You’re developing so much wisdom and clarity, sweetie! I’m so proud of you.

LO: Thanks, mama. I’m complete for now.

N: Blessed be – I love you so much, LO!

LO: Blessed be!



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