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  • Nancy Ogilvie

Spiritual AND Human

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Principle: We are spiritual beings having a human experience, physical expressions of the Divine.

Practice: When you feel separate, driven by your human ego, reconnect with your Divinity in nature.

written 6/10/21

This is my first post since I returned from the annual week-long Wisdom School my Order offers. I spent over a week on Beaver Island, staying in a gorgeous home on Lake Michigan with 7 other sisters from my local spiritual community – in short, in heaven. The setting in stunning natural beauty, the communal living with my friends, and the activities of the Wisdom School itself were all phenomenal. I am still integrating – and this journal entry from last Thursday, 6/10, is the best way I know to offer an overview of my experience.

A couple explanatory notes are in order:

· Archangel Michael – we drew a card from the Sapiential tarot deck each morning, and I drew Archangel Michael on the third day. He is the epitome of positive masculine power, protector and defender from evil.

· Ggantija priestess – in 2006, I went on a women’s tour to Malta, to experience the megalithic stone Goddess temples there. In a meditation during a ritual in Ggantija Temple (pronounced jee-gan-tee-yah), I got the clear message that I had been one of the priestesses for the original dedication ritual of that temple in 5000 BC. That priestess self also showed up last week in a meditation, and she has been present in my heart and energy field ever since. She gave me the message at the end of the week, “You are ready. It is time.” Period, with no elaboration on ready for what!

Good morning, Beloveds All: Isis, Sekhmet, Great Mother, Yeshua, Archangel Michael, Ggantija Priestess, all guides, angels, wise ones, ancestors, beauties. I’m in full blown re-entry, and watching myself move away from the open-heartedness I had last week and then back into it, trusting that flow, trusting that I’m in an adjustment period, integrating and incorporating last week’s expansion into my daily life. I don’t have the fear that I’m “losing” what I had last week that’s been part of other re-entries from retreat. This experience is in me forever, Beloveds – thank You. And thank You for a new day to walk this sacred Earth path with You, as You, and through You.

I was just talking with my mentor about Archangel Michael showing up this week, and Ggantija Priestess’ ongoing presence, and she asked what I was hoping to receive from engaging with them. In my perspective, that question was totally out of left field; my frame of reference simply did not include what I might get from them.

I’m living as close as I can to no expectations, just allowing things to unfold. And I’m living as close as I can to fearless, Mamas – no fear, because I’m so clear that I am always safe in Your arms. I have let go of the river bank and am riding the flow of Your current, moving around the boulders, alert, awake, aware and taking action in accordance with Your guidance. This is an internal revolution, Beloveds; I am the Divine in physical form. What a way to live! I want to pour myself out in service to You, Great Mother.

And now I’m connecting with the human/ego part of me, feeling little and afraid. It’s “too much” – too much energy, too much love, too much expectation of me. “I can’t do it” (by myself). So in this space, I have reverted to being a separate human self, relying on my own limited resources. And this is the dance between being a separate self and being One, being one physical expression of the Divine, connected, inseparable from All That Is. This is the dance of being a spiritual being having a human experience on Earth.

From this place of loving acceptance of both experiences, I have choice. I am developing the capacity to choose Oneness, to choose becoming the ocean, to hold my human experience in that infinite field of love and peace and joy. Ego drives less and less; she expresses in that infinite field and does not try to take control so much. And when she does, I choose acceptance and presence. I ask what her need is, and respond to it with love and compassion. When I do fall into old habits and choose that small, human, separate, ego self, I hold myself in the ocean of love that is the Divine and my spiritual self.

I am ready, Beloveds. It is time. Lead me, guide me, show me the way. Blessed be!



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