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One Happy (Inner) Family

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Principle: Every inner part gets a seat and a voice at the table.

Practice: Listen for understanding to each inner part of yourself, practicing curiosity rather than judgment. Each one has a legitimate need, even though it may not be expressed skillfully.

written 6/5/20

If this is your first post using this inner dialog format, see the “cast of characters” at the end.

N: Who wants to check in this morning?

All: This is all of us writing as a whole, Nance. We feel so vulnerable – and we’re exploring this idea that came up yesterday that we can be vulnerable and safe, that we can stay open in vulnerability. This morning’s reading in one of our daily readers was helpful. It was a reflection on surrendering our life to the care of Spirit who loves me as I am and coaches me to become more of myself. We're releasing the compulsion to do it alone, to be totally self-sufficient or self-reliant. We're finding the humility to acknowledge that we need help.

N: Yes, the idea in the reading that I do not need to earn or work for the Mother’s care is really inspiring! I've been pretty intent on working hard to earn Her love for a lot of our life. But this suggests that I already have Her love - I don't need to earn it! What a relief!

All: Yes, all of us inner parts are learning to live in that light of love and understanding with each other, too! We want to collaborate in love and understanding. What a miracle – we’re turning into a happy, loving inner family! We want to see and appreciate each other and to respond with respect and compassion. We see you, Wounded Child (WC). We see you, Sweet Innocence (SI). We see you, Super Ego (SE). We see you, mama Nance (N). And we love each other!

...We are a team, each with a voice and a deep intent for mutual love and respect. And we’re all held in the loving arms of the One who is infinite love, infinite respect, infinite peace, infinite Joy, infinite light, infinite abundance. It’s what our hearts have desired all our life.

And we’ll need to practice receiving with each other, practice staying in humility. I already hear the old ingrained voice saying, “We’ve arrived – hooray! We’re enlightened – what an accomplishment!”

N: Hi, Ego – I see I didn’t name you in the list of team members, and I’m sorry. You get a seat at the table too – you have an important contribution to make.

Ego: Thanks, Nance – that’s what I needed. I want to be seen and heard, to be a part of the family!

N: You’re an important part, love. Welcome!

...Are we at a stopping point?

All: Yes, from all. We want to practice living in love and light with each other today! Blessed be!

Cast of Characters:

N: Nancy, my adult self

WC: Wounded Child, the part that is still traumatized by childhood wounding

SI: Sweet Innocence, the whole, healthy child who knows she is lovable and worthy

LOs: Little Ones, a composite of WC/SI when they seem to be one, or may also refer to a composite of all parts when I’m not yet clear on who’s speaking

Ego: my ego self or human mind

SE: Super Ego, the internal voice of our parents or other authority figures when they were trying to socialize us into responsible human beings; this voice generally has the role of enforcing our parents’ rules for us growing up, whether or not they serve us now as adults. It can be harshly judgmental and punishing.

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תגובה אחת

08 בינו׳ 2021

It is so interesting to hear the inner family. I like the way in this post everyone wants to work together.

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