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Book Resources

Bauman, Lynn C., ed, Contemplative Recitations: Private Readings for Public Prayer, available from Praxis Publishing, 268 PR 249, Telephone, TX, A compilation of wisdom readings through the ages, from a variety of sources. Includes a variety of visionary poems from the 13thc. Sufi mystic, Jalāladdīn Rumi.

Beckwith, Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard, Life Visioning: A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Transformative Potential, 2013 Michael Beckwith created the Life Visioning Process to be a transformative technology for applying deep inquiry and spiritual practice to enable growth, development and unfoldment of your soul. With Life Visioning, he details the process in its entirety, with invaluable insights and meditations to help you each step of the way.

Cameron, Julia, The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, 25th Anniversary edition. 2016. This is a step-by-step program for those who want to restore their creativity in all of life; it is not just for artists. The program begins with Cameron's most vital tools for creative recovery: The Morning Pages and The Artist Date. From there, she shares hundreds of exercises, activities, and prompts to help readers thoroughly explore each chapter. A revolutionary programme for personal renewal, The Artist's Way will help get you back on track, rediscover your passions, and take the steps you need to change your life.

Courage to Change: One Day at a Time in Al-Anon, Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters:1992. Available from 1600 Corporate Landing Parkway, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454-5617, This 12-step daily reader is general enough to be valuable to any reader.

Reflections of Hope: Daily Readings for Anyone Affected by Another Person’s Sexual Behavior, S-Anon International Family Groups, available from PO Box 111242, Nashville, TN 3722201242, Another 12-step daily reader with enough general applicability to be useful to anyone.

Rupp, Joyce, Prayers to Sophia (Innisfree Press:2000),

Thesenga, Susan, The Undefended Self: Living the Pathwork Third Edition. Pathwork Press, Madison, VA. 2001. The Pathwork is a body of practical spiritual wisdom that lays out a step-by-step journey into personal transformation and wholeness, down to the very core of our being, offering guidance and advice for self-development and personal growth. It is a voyage of discovery to the Real Self through the layers of our defenses, denial and fear. Susan's book uses her own story and a variety of cases to illustrate the key principles of the Pathwork. I (Nancy) participated in a Pathwork community in the Washington, DC area in the 1980's and found it to be invaluable.


People Resources

Tara Brach, psychologist, author and teacher (primarily of insight or vipassana meditation), Tara is one of my favorite spiritual teachers. I have been inspired by her talks, and use her meditations for relaxation and sleep frequently. There’s a large library on her website, and many are available on the “Insight Meditation” app as well (see below).

Charles Eisenstein ( Charles is a visionary thinker, teacher, author and speaker who’s provocative and challenging thinking has inspired and motivated me to publish this blog.


Ruth King, author and meditation teacher, Ruth is currently applying her experience with mindfulness to helping people explore and understand our racial conditioning. Her book, Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out continues to provide me with valuable insight on my role as a white person in perpetuating racism and strategies for making needed changes in myself and the world. "Racism is a heart disease -- and it's curable!"

Father Richard Rohr, Franciscan friar, wisdom teacher, founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM, and author of numerous books. He founded the Center because he saw such a deep need for integrating action and contemplation. From their website: "When we experience the reality of our oneness with God, others, and Creation, actions of justice and healing naturally follow. If we’re working to create a more whole world, contemplation can give our actions nonviolent, loving power for the long haul."

Other Resources

Insight Timer app and website, – this is the meditation timer app I use and love. It is free, and you can access more resources by becoming a paying subscriber. There’s a timer for your own silent meditation, thousands of guided meditations, and longer talks from leading teachers. Both Tara Brach and Ruth King (see people resources above) have material on this site/app.

Rebel Wisdom ( is a media platform co-created by the BBC and filmmaker David Fuller. It is focused on sense-making in a world that is in chaos and breakdown. When the old systems, ideology, ways of thinking are no longer working, what’s next? What becomes possible? It’s the rebels who bring their wisdom to the table first.

Oriental Orthodox Order in the West ( - this is the website for the order in which I am currently a monk (I took my vows in March 2022). It is chock full of wisdom resources from a wide variety of traditions, as well as further information about the order itself. The Order also publishes the Sapiential Tarot, created by Lynn C. Bauman, Abbot. Contact Nancy for ordering information. 

Sit Down & Reflect | A Meditation Guide for Beginners ( - blogpost with a very clear description of meditation practice and tips for beginning meditators. 


More to come... check back periodically!

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