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  • Nancy Ogilvie

The Hanged Man: True Surrender

Principle: The Hanged Man represents the True Human: ego is surrendered so Divine Power flows through unimpeded.

Practice: When fear about surrender comes up, focus on the possibilities of living with the Divine, not ego, in charge of your life.

I’ve written this post over the last week, after I felt called to draw another card from the Sapiential tarot deck for the first time since Wisdom School early in June – and the “Hanged Man” came up. If you don’t know the Hanged Man or the tarot, this card is an image of a naked human suspended upside down between the two realms of heaven and earth.

It symbolizes the end of the ordinary human path and reversal of what we consider “normal.” It turns our lives upside-down and requires a reversal in perspectives and viewpoint. It represents the shift from identifying with the egoic self or personality to identifying with the True Self. The ego has been hanged, and the I AM Presence becomes the true field of gravitation, the Source of Wisdom and Truth.

Written 7/27/21 Tuesday

Good morning, Beloveds All: Isis, Sekhmet, Great Mother, Yeshua, Archangel Michael, G.P., all guides, angels, wise ones. Thank You for a new day to walk this sacred Earth path with You, as You, through You, and in You.

I was awake before 4am this morning and finally went to the altar to meditate. I became the Hanged Man, suspended from my ankles upside down, literally, viscerally, just totally surrendered and helpless. That experience lasted for a period of seconds, a few times, and it was an amazing experience of no fear, of full faith and trust in You and myself, Beloveds. It’s a place of “All is well,” and I want to live there! Thank You for showing me what’s possible living that way, Mamas; it’s so exciting!

And that glimpse of being fully True Human has changed me forever. I do know that, Beloveds, and I do want it. I see what’s possible when I surrender to the hanging of the ego – not getting rid of it, but living with it in right relationship to You. All of me in right relationship with You. I know You’ve been calling me to that path all my life, and I’m ready to say “yes.” I know there will be more tests along the way, and I am on Your path. Blessed be!

written 7/28/21 Wednesday

I’m struggling with resentment this morning and need Your help, Beloveds. I put the resentment in my Goddess jar – and then periodically felt the temptation to pick it up again during my meditation. I also had multiple stretches of being a solid, stable presence. And all is well; that’s the message I’m getting. “Hands off the pendulum; let it be!”

I want to “do something” about the resentment, write on it, analyze what’s under it, connect with whatever the fear is. And guidance says, “no, sit with the discomfort. Let it move through; trust Our Flow through you. Be still, Nance, be still and listen to Us, not yourself. Hear what We will say when you turn to Us in your heart.

So here’s the Hanged Man again; I feel totally surrendered, helpless. I could struggle, try to reach my foot to free it – and what I want is to let You move through me, Beloveds All. Thank You for this opening, this transformation in my heart and mind. I am Your upside-down priestess, roots in You, head and heart in the Tree of Life. In Divine right order as True Human. Blessed be!

written 7/30/21 Friday

I shared the Hanged Man with my therapist yesterday, and she pointed out the Power that’s in it as well as the vulnerability. Not my power, but Divine Power moving through me. That’s the point of the Hanged Man; that degree of ego surrender allows the Mother to move through unimpeded. It was another reversal in viewpoint, another turning upside down, another revelation.

And then as I went to sit at my altar after our session, I got a flash: “Oh, I’m afraid of that Power moving through me.” And like that, the fear was gone; just naming it released my attachment to it. Another big shift in perspective. A total transformation in perspective to “Use me, Beloveds, move in me. I am Your priestess. We are One.”

I’m also tiptoeing around the idea that Divine Masculine Power was flowing through yesterday as well. That I cannot limit the Divine to being feminine only. I feel afraid again around that – and I do want All of You, Beloveds. Gender is a human construct anyway, and I would have All of You moving through me. Help me to continue surrendering into All of Your Love! Blessed be!



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